Title Search in Bethlehem, PA, Nazareth, PA, Easton, PA, Lehigh Valley, and Nearby Cities

When buying a home from a seller, you’d probably presume that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. However, if someone else with a claim or lien on the property shows up on the doorstep, that assumption can have devastating implications. A property title search looks at public records on the property to determine who the legal owner is. If any claims or liens on the property could impede your purchase, the title search should identify them.

The first step is to figure out who owns the property you wish to acquire. To begin with, the present owner may be unaware of a prior claim against the property’s title. Second, because the debts of any prior owners accompany the property, they can come back to haunt you.

If you neglect a title search or the title search fails to identify it, things like unpaid property taxes, homeowner’s association fees, and invoices for home upgrades may become your responsibility. As a result, title searches and title insurance are required as part of the mortgage underwriting process.

If you want to do your title search, you can go to sites like the county courthouse, the recorder’s office, and the county assessor’s office to find the records you need.

It could be a good idea to delegate this aspect of the home-buying process to the specialists. Legal paperwork can seem perplexing to the inexperienced eye, and you don’t want to overlook anything crucial.

Traditional Abstract can help you with all of your property title search needs. Our adaptable, detail-oriented services enable us to complete your title searches accurately and on time. We have full-time title searchers on staff with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We know where to look for liens, overdue dues, property records, easements, and other things.

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