Property Title Search in Bethlehem, Easton, PA, Nazareth, Allentown and Nearby Cities

Before investing in real estate transactions, a property title search is conducted to verify the legal ownership of the land by examining public records. Typically, it is initiated by the lender and carried out by a title company. Buyers of real estate benefit from being able to make informed decisions thanks to timely and accurate title work. 

Let us look at the importance of having a property title search: 

Helps you to be aware of issues related to property ownership 

The issues about your home or property title could be multifaceted, ranging from filing errors to forgotten encumbrances to ongoing border wars, among other things. Your right to hold title to the property may also be affected by these issues. Therefore, it is always preferable to plan. 

Assists you in determining the chain of title 

A chain of title is a record of the property title transfers that have taken place, providing information about the list of owners. Before making a purchase, check to see that there is no confusion in your chain of title. This is necessary because a clean chain of title records is required if you want to get title insurance to protect you from financial loss caused by title defects after you buy the property. 

Helps to find out if there are any outstanding liens 

You can use title search services to make sure that the person you buy the house from doesn’t have a lot of debt. You can learn details about IRS liens, hospital liens, state tax liens, mechanic liens, liens for child support, and abstracts of judgment by searching public records.  

For all of your property title search requirements, Traditional Abstract offers useful solutions. We can complete your title searches accurately and promptly thanks to our adaptable and attentive services. We know where to look for liens, unpaid bills, property records, easements, and other things. Contact us if you are based around Bethlehem, PA, Easton, PA, Nazareth, PA, Allentown, and Lehigh Valley areas.