Abstract Company in Bethlehem, PA, Nazareth, PA, Easton, PA, Allentown, and Nearby Cities

Are you planning to buy a new home? You will be needing a company to handle the insurance documents, look through the loan documents and carry out a title search. Founded in 1991, Traditional Abstract LLC has been providing title insurance for residential, commercial, refinancing transactions, and more. As an abstract company, we take great pride in our experts as they have the knowledge, expertise, and technical know-how to complete your searches quickly and effortlessly. Being a part of the Kay Builders group of companies has given us the skill and understanding of how to work here are done, it is this dedication and commitment towards our clients that make the people of Bethlehem, PA, Nazareth, PA, Easton, PA, Lehigh Valley, and Allentown trusts us.

Below we have mentioned a few common services provided by an abstract company. Take a look.

  1. Title insurance

This is a policy that is meant to protect homebuyers from any kind of financial losses that might be caused by a bad or defective title. Our title insurance policy will cover all the common claims and any problems that might rise due to unforeseen issues thus resulting in legal fees or other financial costs.


  1. Settlement agent

Our professionals help the clients in completing a transaction through the transfer of securities and cash between the buyer and the lender. It is their job to see that all documents are properly filled, signed, and completed to avow any future glitches.


  1. Escrow agent

We can hold on to your property while a transaction is being finalized or a dispute is being resolved. An escrow agent is generally played by an attorney and they handle the funds that guarantee payment and are needed to close a deal.

So, if you are looking for a professional that would carry out real estate transactional services for you, give us a call at 610-740-9100.