We are Traditional Abstract, your regional source for title insurance, title search and other real estate transaction services as well as home purchase that protect the interest of buyers and lenders. We’re your partner to complete fast and secure property title search and title insurance.

There’s nothing more exciting than a new home. Contact us to handle any of the three basic types of title insurance documents you need to be completed: commitment, the owner’s title policy, or the loan policy. Formerly known as Advanced Abstract, we have been providing title insurance for residential, commercial, and refinancing transactions since 1991 to Lehigh, Northampton, and all surrounding counties. Most of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years, meaning we have the experience and expertise to complete your searches quickly and effortlessly.



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Title Insurance

Title insurance is about eliminating risk and protecting your interests by making sure there are no other claims on the property and protecting against–??-. A title insurance policy is designed to state the quality of ownership of real estate property or other interests at a specific moment in time. Protect your title rights against known or unknown inconsistencies in the documented history of ownership of your property.

Property Title Search

You’ve saved for years and decided to purchase a home. The terms have been agreed upon, all the appropriate financial arrangements have been made, and you’re ready to take possession of your new home as soon as possible. But before you can close on your house and put the key in the lock, you have one more important step to do – a title search. While some areas only allow title searches to be performed by attorneys, most searches can be undertaken by a title company, like Traditional Abstract. What makes us better than the rest? The quality of our searches and our experience. We’ve been doing title searches for 30 years.

No matter how the search is performed, most real estate buyers purchase owners title insurance to provide assurance that they’ve purchased a valid title. Part of the title search is to determine whether a title can be insured.

About Us

Traditional Abstract is owned and operated by Kay Builders, a diverse real estate company with 60+ years of experience in the home building business throughout serving the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania area.

The Kay Builders umbrella of companies includes Kay Builders, Inc, Heather Glen Senior Living Center, Traditional Mortgage, LLC, and Traditional Abstract. Now Traditional Abstract is stronger than ever servicing the long-term customers of Advanced Abstract.

Escrow Service

Traditional Abstract Title Company can also act as an escrow service for real estate transactions. As a title company, we are a neutral party that works to get real estate transactions done. This is part of why we also provide escrow services for funds used for settlement and closing costs. It is our job as a title company to handle the transfer of funds and documents between all involved parties. Only once we have confirmed all documents have been properly signed and transferred can funds and keys change hands.

Real Estate Title Insurance and Services

Traditional Abstract provides valuable solutions for all your real estate title needs. Our detail-oriented services allow us to get your title searches done correctly and when you need them. We have vast experience and expertise in the industry, and we’re licensed agents of Stewart Title, First American Title, and Fidelity National Title. Some of the real estate and title services we provide include, but aren’t limited to, conventional, FHA, and VA mortgages, short sales, new construction, refinancing, and 1031 exchange services. Traditional Abstract enables you to manage your purchase, refinance, second and additional mortgages, and equity transactions easily and confidently, providing you with accurate, trustworthy information when you need it most.


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